English /Hindi Debate Competition

The competition was held class wise and the topics were given prior to students. Every student came and speaks for the topic and against the topic. It helps in developing thinking, speaking in public skills, develops confidence, and removes hesitation.

Children’s Day Celebration

IMG_6645The celebration began by a small documentary on Pt Jawaharlal Nehru followed by puppet show & carnival for children which included many one minute games, tambola, movie show, ring game, singing stars, dance auditions, candy floss etc. The day was full of fun and frolic the children enjoyed the day a lot.

Quotable Quotes

Quotations was made by children on a given topic which was written in the class and very well decorated .This competition helps the students in developing creative, thinking  and writing  skills.

Elocution Competition

The competition was organized for classes 1st to 3rd.Few topics were given prior, children need to come prepare on any one topic and speak in front of other children. It helps in developing confidence, public speaking skills and removes hesitation and stage fear.

Math Quiz

Students were arranged house wise, among the four houses the one who said almost correct answers are considered as winners. This develops the mental math ability verbally and helps to perform calculations in mind.

Wealth From Waste

Each student has to bring waste material from their own house and use their creative minds to make any one useful thing from the waste material .It makes student learn how to use waste material to create new things and to enhance their creativity.

Story Telling Competition English/Hindi

Each student came forward with the story along with its moral .The student who narrated the story was awarded .It develop their speaking skills. Learn the sequence setting, character i.e. various story elements.

Spellathon Competition

Students were arranged House wise. Among the four houses the one who said almost correct spellings was considered as winner .It develops the spelling strategy, learn how to listen, break & then form a spelling.

Toran Decoration

Interested students were provided with decorative and other materials to make a toran. It improve their activity learn to decorate their houses with different handmade Toran.

Lantern Decoration Competition

WP_20141018_025 Interested students were provided with the paper of different colours and best Lanterns were selected .It is to improve the craft knowledge, learn to make a beautiful lantern from colored papers.

Rangoli Competition

WP_20141018_020Interested students were given the rangoli colours and they made beautiful Rangoli in the corridor. Best rangoli was selected .It improves Art skills; learn the importance of Rangoli in our house during Diwali.

Diya Decoration Competition

WP_20141018_074Each student was provided with Diya and all the decoration material .Student used their creativity to decorate their own Diya .It is to bring out their creativity, to make them feel the importance of handmade Indian DIYA.

Fancy Dress Competition

fadEach student came properly dressed in different outfits and came on stage and spoke 2-3 lines related to their dress –up. Student who was in Best Dress and presented was the winner. It is to bring out hidden talent, to make students aware of Great personality & current topic.

English / Hindi Recitation Competition

Each student came forward with a poem recitation and the best poem recitation was awarded .It is to learn the recitation and rhyming of the poem and to develop speaking skills.

Extempore Competition

Individual participation, each student came forward and spoke about a particular topic. Student with relevant points and a fact won the competition. It is to overcome the hesitation and stage fear & to improve speaking skills.

Slogan Competition

All students gave their hand impression on the white board and wrote an inspiring and patriotic slogan beside it. It is to learn the importance of slogan i.e. how few words can convey a beautiful message.

Shloka /Doha Competition

Orally, students came forward with a Doha or Shlok along with its meaning. It is to let them enhance their Hindi literature knowledge .To improve their Hindi pronunciation skills.

English /Hindi Handwriting Competition

Through Paper pen each student wrote a page of English/Hindi from the text book. Best writing was selected. It is to improve their handwriting in that subject. To learns the importance of good handwriting along with neatness.


Hey! To wish the top………. .You don’t have to be a book worm! Just stay cool n give your Best! Study smart not hard! Our Best wishes one with you.

Dussehra Celebration

DSC04783A time for celebration .A time for victory of good over bad .A time when world see the example of power of good .Let us continue the same “True Spirit”.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

teacher dayA teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. Teachers were felicitated by management. Students presented dance forms for teacher’s .Students also expressed their feeling towards their teachers in the form of poems.

Janmashatmi Celebration

Krishna Janmasthami was celebrated with sheer enthusiasm at VIS .The young ones presented a fabulous & outstanding dance which enthralled the audience & also took part in “MatkiPhod“

The Legend Rolls On Independence Day

On the auspicious day of Independence Day, the splendid inaugural ceremony of our basketball court was blessed with the presence of The Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Basket Ball Association Mr. Kulvinder Singh Gill.

Independence Day

The 68th Independence Day was celebrated by the students of VIS with great excitement .Chief guest Mr. Kulvinder Singh Gill unfurled the tricolor & took the salute at VIS campus .The cultural programme dazzled the audience.

Bringing Excellence To Students (Extra Knowledge)

It’s true that knowledge gives students something to think about, but it actually makes learning easier, keeping this in mind VIS focused on giving Extra knowledge to students other than studies.

The Art Of Performance (Various Activities)

Extra-curricular activities are the main source of overall development of a child’s mind, body& soul .It helps a child to think, act & create .Keeping this in mind VIS focused on various activities music, sports, dance, art, drama etc.

Thread Of Love (Rakshabandhan Celebration)

Rakshabandhan is a bond of protection and love between a brother and sister .This festival was celebrated with full zeal in VIS.The celebration of this festival helped the students to nurture a healthy relationship amongst all at school which is indeed a home away from home.

Knowing About Curriculum

Parents are important stakeholders in education & works in partnership with a school in building a child’s inner motivation & in providing all necessary support .Keeping this in mind VIS family organized a smart parent orientation programme for our parents with the help of our academic expert Mr. Ashish Khajanchi.

United We Play, United We Win (Inter School Tennis Volley Ball Tournament)

We are very thankful to all the schools for their time, patience& spirit that they had given to us .And a very ware thanks to their students also .On 29 Sept 14 VIS organized Inter School Tennis Volley Ball Tournament .And this day was blessed by honorable Mr. Suryadutt Joshi & Aarti Ma’am.

Our Sweet Ride (Mandav Visit)

Excursion provide direct source of knowledge & acquaint the students with firsthand information & provides an opportunity to the student for development of their aesthetic sense. Keeping this in mind VIS organized an educational excursion to Mandav on 27 Sept 14.

Passion for Excellence (Investiture Ceremony)

On the fine morning of 27 Aug 14 deserving young talents of our school bestowed with the responsibility of leading school with their commitment ,confidence and competence .

Our young council members are:-

Creating A Community Of Lifelong Learners (Parents Orientation)

Parents are important stakeholders in education and works in partnership with a school in building a child’s inner motivation and in providing all necessary support and encouragement .Keeping this in mind VIS organized a smart parent orientation programme for our parents with the help of our guest speaker Dr A.K. Dwivedi and Ms. Rachna Johri on 8th Jun 14.We are also thankful to Baba Shri Hotel and resorts for their hospitality and support.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind (Dental checkup)

To spread awareness of dental health and role of dental health ,a dental checkup camp is organized by VIS .We are thankful to Shri Aurobindo Institute of Medial Science and Rotary Club of Indore Snakalp for their precious time and support they had given to us on 19 Aug 14.

Dream Team Roll Ball Team Selection

A heartily congratulations to all students and their coach for their selection & participation in the 2014 ASGFI Roll Ball Tournament organized on 11 Aug 14.we are very thankful to the students for their time ,patience & spirit that they had given to us .

Airport Visit

An educational trip helps in overall development of a child & helps to learn something new. Keeping this in mind VIS organized an educational tour on 30 Jul 14 to Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport which the students enjoyed a lot.

A Building with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside (Pooja At VIS)

Graha shanti pooja is performed to reduce the negative effects and improves the positive energies .So for the better future of our VIS family graha shanti pooja is done by honorable chairman Mr. & Mrs. N.K Jain on 8 Jun 14.