It aims to promote self reliance, cooperation, benevolence & fellowship among students  & built trust & understanding with their teachers. The thrust of the program is many fold. Participation is outward –bound program which exposes students to the wonders of nature, bringing forth the realization of the importance of protecting the environment. Through community services program they get civic sense & get included towards under privileged community.

Keeping the same projections & thoughts, we have planned activity clubs

Thinking Club, Reading Club, Art Club, Environment  Club, Chess Club, Music Club, Dance Club.
School sports are recognised as the integral part of every student’s life. Games help in the development of five senses & memory. Large muscles strength & skills are as important as those of small muscles for the total development in the child. Therefore Vedansh provides ample space & opportunities for the development of large muscles & torso, stamina & body coordination. In The  Vedansh International School children will get opportunities  to play various sports like.
Skating Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Swimming Archery, Shooting, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Athletics, Track & Field Events.
Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Gymnastics.
The purpose of house system is to provide equal opportunities to every student, to take part in every educational & co – curricular based programme. House wise competitions in sport, co-curricular & extra curricular are organised on regular basis. The Houses Are

FAST        PACE         SPEED        RAPID

We believe that education does not begin and end in the classroom the best lessons are learned in a new & adventurous situation well. In school, they never experience isolated time with the friends and total recreation with exchange of thoughts & feelings but in expeditions they feel inner joy & the experiences are highly energetic & rejuvenating for them. We personally believe that with the parents they are in a small vicinity somehow they manage things according to parents & parents accordingly to them. Here the environment is not according to each one them & teaches them deliberately adjustment according to environment.  We feel these amazing experiences  live in their memories for the life time.