Excellence in academics is the primary objective of the school .There is highly enriched curriculum that gives a broad foundation of basics as well as opportunity to be challenged & to drive deeply into the areas of child interest. The subjects are integrated with each other so as to develop their cognitive skills along with application in day to day life. The curriculum follows following subjects –
The developments targeted through the subject would be
  • Receptiveness to language.
  • Developing confidence & competence in the use of language
  • Developing articulation of language.
The developments targeted through the subject would be
  • It gives child a language & a system through which he analyzes ,describes & explains wide range of experiences, making predictions and solving problem.
  • Fosters creative and aesthetic development.
  • Enhances growth of reasoning through the use of investigative techniques in a mathematical context.
  • Applications
  • Integrating and connecting
  • Implementing
  • Understanding & recalling
The developments targeted through the subject would be
  • To enable the child to acquire knowledge , skills & attitude so as to develop an informed and critical understanding of social, environmental & scientific issues.
  • To reinforce & stimulate curiosity & imagination about local and wider environments
  • To enable the child to play a responsible role as an individual member of local , regional , national & global communities.
  • Its rightly said that “ education is not complete without character” Hence, value based education is an integral part of educational system adding on soul in the body.
  • To develop globally aware, highly spirited & strong charactered children. It provides particular opportunities to nurture self worth & self confidence, helping the child to set and assess his own goals and to be able to manage his behavior.
  • It also brings a respect for & an appreciation of human & cultural diversity.
The developments targeted through the subject would be
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of scientific and technological concepts through the exploration of mankind, natural & physical aspects of the environment.
  • To develop scientific approach to problem solving which emphasizes understanding and constructive thinking.
  • Encouraging the child to explore , develop & apply scientific ideas and concepts through designing and making activities.
  • To foster the child natural curiosity , encouraging independent inquiry & creative action.
  • To cultivate an appreciation & respect for diversity of living and non living things, their interdependence and interactions.
  • Encouraging the child to behave responsibly to protect , improve & cherish the environment & become involved in the identification , discussion & avoidance of environmental problems and so promote sustainable development.
  • To enable the child to communicate ideas , present work & report findings using a variety of medium.
  • At the Vedaant International School, we believe in starting young, so, children are introduced to computers from class-I and from then onwards. It is not just restricted to the curriculum alone, from class fifth, students start researching on internet to gain knowledge & creating projects. We impart computer skills beyond the scope of the
    curriculum- skills such as graphic designing, multimedia, animation are taught to help broaden horizons in addition to the standard productivity software.
  • The Vedaant International uses multimedia projectors in the computer lab and in specially designed AV halls where teachers presentations & courseware can be demonstrated to the students. The latest multimedia device is also available for teachers to use in the comfort of their classrooms.
  • Teacher observations
  • Teacher designed tasks and tests
  • Work samples, port folios & projects
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Standardized Tests
  • Psychometric Evaluations
  • CCE
For hands on learning the labs provided to the children are –

  • Montessori Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • IT Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Composite Lab
  • Language Lab